Yep, I did it. I married an Albanian.


Most first responses are, "I'm embarrassed to say, I don't know where Albania is." When what they mean to say is, "What the heck is an Albanian?!" Follow me on everyday enlightenments and explanations of my life married to a proud Albanian; and my (mostly true) recollections of how I got into this lovely mess. I am proud of the culture I have semi-adopted as my own.

I am a published travel writer and editor for a travel magazine, artist, DIY nut, lover of food, survivor of raising two Albanian boys (one with severe food allergies), and living with at least five other Albanians all at once. Yes, I am Mother Teresa (who was Albanian, by the way).



Follow me for a bit, and see for yourself, just exactly what an Albanian is.



Welcome! Mirë se vjen!

...The funny thing about my Albanian family is, they truly believe that I understand everything they say. There is no baby talk for the dumb American—Do. You. Want. Me. To. Iron. Your. Underwear?—When the truth is that I, at best, understand two words out of 10. That’s...

Bleary-eyed and negative from the get-go, I awaken and figure out what to feed my two peacefully sleeping mini-Albanians. I’m jealous that they got their father’s blood that repels mosquitos and allows them to sleep through the heat…punks. At three in the morning I “Wh...

Why packing for Albania what different this time...why? Read more and you'll see it's almost impossible.

As a young girl, I longed for the day when I could build my own home. There was nothing I loved more (besides reading cookbooks) than going through a home decor magazine. Sunset Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, and Architectural Digest offered endless hours of escap...

Over a year ago, around the holidays, I welcomed not one, not two, but three Albanians. It should also be noted that not even a week prior to this, my Albanian brother-in-law who had been living under my roof for nearly a year, finally moved out. Then came the guests.

It is easy to say that Albanians are some of the most loving people on the face of the Earth. Let us look at Mother Teresa, she was Albanian. Albania even prou....

...With all these coincidences, and even due to the fact that today also happens to be the 11th, my lucky number is most fortuitous because it is my 11th wedding anniversary today.

Figs have been loved and sought after for thousands of years. Adam and Eve needed the fig tree to assemble clothes from it after being cast out of the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 3:7) Some religious scholars also believe the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was indeed a...

First and foremost, after you get through the throng of other tourists in the 'Foreign Visitors' line at the passport checkpoint in Nënë Tereza Airport, you will quickly realize how kind and generous the Albanian people are.

...there are some guidelines when planning a trip returning to Shqiperia (Albania), it’s not as easy as booking a ticket and showing up. At least for my family it isn’t.

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