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Yep, I did it. I married an Albanian.


Most first responses are, "I'm embarrassed to say, I don't know where Albania is." When what they want to say is, "What the heck is an Albanian?!"


Follow me for everyday enlightenments and explanations of my life married to a proud Albanian; and my (mostly true) recollections of how I got into this lovely mess. I am proud of the culture I have semi-adopted as my own.

I am a published travel writer, blogger, DIY nut, lover of food, a survivor of raising two Albanian boys (one with severe food allergies), and living with at least five other Albanians all at once. Yes, I am Mother Teresa (who was Albanian, by the way).

Follow me for a bit, and see for yourself, just exactly what an Albanian is.

Welcome! Mirë se vjen!

Erin hugging her Albanian in Rome, Italy

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Thank you! I promise not to send anything but funny stories.

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